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360 Family Bundle

Includes our Pebble 360 & Pearl 360 car seats with rotating FamilyFix 360 base. From birth up to approx. 4 years!
From birth up to approx. 4 years
From 40 to 105 cm

Why Choose Me

Intuitive one-hand FlexiSpin rotation

The FamilyFix 360 base has a smart built-in rotational system that enables the Pebble 360 & Pearl 360 car seats to be easily rotated using only one hand.

ClimaFlow comfort temperature regulation

Special ClimaFlow panels, breathable foam and fabrics encourage comfortable air circulation to ensure your child is always at the right temperature.

Easy-in harness

Thanks to the Easy-in harness system, it’s super-quick and hassle-free to get your baby in and out of the car. One less thing to worry about.

G-CELL side impact technology

To ensure your baby’s safety, the Pebble 360 & Pearl 360 feature innovative G-CELL Side Impact Technology, as an extra-protective built-in guard.

Product description

We understand that children grow up fast. That’s why we’ve designed a new innovative family of car seats, built for long-term use. The unique 360 Family is the next generation rotating car seat system, consisting of a rotating FamilyFix 360 base and compatible 360° car seats, Pebble 360 & Pearl 360, made to carry your baby from newborn up to 4 years old. The super-convenient, one-handed rotation system makes life a lot easier for parents getting their child in and out of the car every day, for years.
Pebble 360 baby car seat
As part of the 360 Family, the Pebble 360 can be used from birth up to approx. 15 months. It rotates super-smoothly and easily on the FamilyFix 360 base and can be turned around using only one hand. The easy-in harness of the Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 makes getting your baby in and out quick and hassle-free, and the super-comfy Baby-hugg inlay keeps your little one snug at all times. To ensure your baby’s safety and comfort, the Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 has ClimaFlow to help regulate your baby’s temperature and G-CELL Side Impact Technology keeps your baby protected from the forces of a side-on collision. The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy for you to carry your baby wherever you go. So right from day one, the Pebble 360 provides you and your baby with the maximum comfort, i-Size safety and convenience.
Pearl 360 baby and toddler car seat
As part of the 360 Family, the Pearl 360 can be used from birth up to 4 years old. A perfectly comfortable and safe rotating car seat that is built for long-term use. Thanks to the 360 rotation handle on the base, the Pearl 360 can be rotated smoothly and easily in any recline position. Super easy for you, super comfortable for your baby. A cosy from-birth inlay keeps your newborn snug and when your little one isn’t so little anymore, the Pearl 360 allows room to grow with an extra-spacious seat. You can easily adjust the safety harness and headrest height of the Pearl 360 to provide the best fit for your growing child. Designed with ClimaFlow fabrics and extra-protective G-CELL Side Impact Technology, this unique 360 Family provides years of comfort and grows with your family!
FamilyFix 360 base
Our FamilyFix 360 base is equipped with ISOFIX connectors and a support leg to provide the safest, easiest and quickest way of installing your Pebble 360 & Pearl 360 car seats. Thanks to the 360 rotation handle on the base, the 360° car seats can be rotated smoothly and easily using only one hand - perfect for busy parents with their hands full. FlexiSpin technology makes the base rotate in any reclined position. Visual indicators and audio feedback on the base notify you when your car seat is correctly installed and the TravelSafe Rotation Control gives peace of mind knowing your baby travels in the rearward-facing position up to approx. 15 months. The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix 360 is i-Size compliant, thanks to rearward-facing travel capability of up to 4 years for extra head and neck protection.

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