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Freedom to Travel
From approx. 9 months up to 4 years
9 - 18 kg

Why Choose Me

Easy to take everywhere

Nomad is built for travel. Ultra-compact and lightweight (less than 4kg), it’s super-easy to fold up and has an integrated handle and travel bag.

Fits easily into any car

Taxi, car rental or car share? No problem. The Nomad easily fits any car thanks to its belt installation and is quick to install (less than 30 secs).

Take safety with you

When you travel with your own car seat, you can relax knowing that your child is safe with the Nomad’s reinforced Side Impact Protection.

Comfortable everywhere you go

You may be on the move, but your child will be comfortable thanks to the soft fabrics and comfortable padding in the seat.

Product description

Travelling with children has never been easier – even without your own car. Whether you’re jumping in an Uber, renting a car to see the grandparents, or jetting off on your summer holidays, family travel feels free & easy with Nomad.

Only one-third of the weight of a regular toddler seat, the Nomad folds so compactly, it’s perfect for travelling light. Nomad is quick to install (less than 30secs) and super-easy to carry, so your child can travel safely and in comfort, everywhere you go.


Wherever you’re heading, by taking your own trusted car seat with you, you can relax knowing that your child is fully protected and safe with the seat’s reinforced Side Impact Protection. And nestled in its soft fabrics and extra-comfy padded seat, your little one will always be snug and comfortable travelling from one adventure to the next.


As its name suggests, everything about Nomad has been built to travel. Designed for children between 9-months and 4 years old, it’s so quick and easy to fit in to any car using the seat belt.

Ultra-compact and light, it’s easy to fold and even has a built-in handle so it’s super-easy to pick up – and when you have your hands full with the kids, you can pack it away into its own travel bag and throw it over your shoulder. Easy.


For modern families on the move, Nomad is the car seat you can easily take with you, wherever you go.

The Maxi-Cosi Nomad. Freedom to Travel.

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