Ultimate comfort and safety for your newborn: Lie-flat travel in car

Holidays, visits to grandparents, daily errands and more. Many cosy trips are ahead for you and your little one. No matter where you go or how long you travel, you want the exceptional comfort for your newborn and that’s where lie-flat travel options step in. At Maxi-Cosi, we offer you lie-flat travel options in the car to keep your baby snug and safe wherever you go!

Why lie-flat is comfortable and safe travel for your newborn?

Experts have long recommended that lying flat is the best ergonomic position for small babies to sleep in. It’s crucial for your baby’s body growth and brain development that they can move, stretch and exercise their arms and legs. In lie-flat position, babies can get all the oxygen they need optimally, and their head, spine and hips will be in the best position for a healthy development.

Carrycots and prams that provide this position have long been the preferred option for newborn babies. And now, we offer you this option with our innovative Marble baby car seat! With its near lie-flat position, Marble offers you a safe and comfortable travel option with your little traveller.

Marble: Baby car seat with near lie-flat position

This baby car seat features a 157° near lie-flat recline position to provide the best sleeping comfort for your little one. And not just that – with its lying position the car seat also ensures a healthy development for your baby as suggested by experts especially for the long trips.

Marble’s extra padding, newborn inlay and extra-large and protective sun canopy will add to the ultimate comfort of your little one. You can use Marble from birth up to approx. 15 months, which is longer than an average baby car seat.

Our innovative Marble simply provides the same comfort and healthy position for your baby outside your car, too. Whenever you need to leave your car, take your car seat from the ISOFIX base and put it on your stroller without waking your baby up. Before we forget, it comes with its dedicated ISOFIX base!

Jade: Safety carrycot with full lie-flat position

At Maxi-Cosi, we follow the experts’ recommendations to provide the most comfortable and safest travel options for your baby.

Thanks to the 180-degree flat sleeping position of our Jade safety carrycot, your baby stays asleep in the best ergonomic position in cars and on strollers without waking up no matter the situation. This is crucial for the baby’s body growth and brain development while reducing oxygen desaturation.

This refined car cot is suitable from birth to approx. 6 months and can only be used in your car with our FamilyFix3 base (sold separately). It also fits onto all compatible pushchair frames to create a smart and modern pram. Complete with a snug soft-touch inlay, your baby is safely and comfortably cocooned on every journey.

What makes our Marble and Jade safe?

Both the Marble baby car seat and Jade car cot have been developed to meet the latest ECE R129 (i-Size) safety standard, which is the highest European safety standard for car seats. This brings along improved head and neck protection, and recommended rearward– or lateral facing travel for your little one up to min. 15 months.

Additionally, If you’re planning longer car journeys, you’ll be reassured that your newborn will travel in the full lie-flat or near lie-flat position, which ensures a healthy development for your baby.

Wherever you go, we are here to provide the best comfort and safety for your baby.