Pushchair Accessories

  1. Jaya Car Seat Adapters
    Jaya Car Seat Adapters
  2. Ultra-compact travel bag
    Ultra-compact travel bag
    Easily carry & store your city stroller
  3. Ultra-compact rain cover
    Ultra-compact rain cover
    Keep your little one nice and dry
  6. Baby car seat adapters
    Baby car seat adapters
  7. Mosquito Net
    Mosquito Net
    A peaceful nap in all conditions
    • Creates a unique cocooning atmosphere
    • Shield from direct light and mosquitos
    • Fits all Maxi-Cosi urban comfort and all-terrain comfort strollers and carrycots
  8. Comfort & Carrycots Rain cover
    Comfort & Carrycots Rain cover
    Keeps your little one sheltered at all times
    • Fully ventilated to ensure your little one's comfort
    • Easy to fit on your pushchair
    • Fits all Maxi-Cosi urban comfort and all-terrain comfort pushchairs and prams
  9. Gia Car Seat Adapters
    Gia Car Seat Adapters
  10. Lara² Car Seat Adapters
    Lara² Car Seat Adapters
  11. Gloves
    Keeps your hands warm while strolling.
    • Warm and comfortable
    • Universal
  12. Modern Bag
    Modern Bag
    Trendy and convenient changing bag
    • Large capacity
    • Toiletry bag with hanging hook
    • Changing mat
    • Insulated bag
  13. 2-in-1 Footmuff
    2-in-1 Footmuff
    Protects your baby/toddler from the cold, wind and rain
    • Keeps baby warm
    • Cosy seat liner
    • Long lasting
    • Compatible with most maxiCosi pushchairs
  14. Parasol with clip
    Parasol with clip
    Optimal sun protection