ISOFIX bases

Our car seat bases make fitting your baby or toddler car seat safe and easy every time. Use an ISOFIX car seat base for safe and easy installation. Click & Go in seconds to make each journey a breeze.

Which base fits my car seat? Have a look at our base compatibility overview.

  1. Marble Base
    Marble Base
    The only perfect Marble anchorage
    • The only perfect Marble anchorage
    • Ultimate Click & Go comfort with Marble
    • i-Size ISOFIX safety
    • Feedback of correct installation
  2. FamilyFix 360
    FamilyFix 360
    Unique 360° one-hand rotating base for quick and easy child installation
    • Intuitive one-hand rotation
    • FlexiSpin Rotation
    • Installation feedback
    • Fits our Pebble 360, Pearl 360 & Coral 360
  3. Tinca Base
    Tinca Base
    ISOFIX installation for Tinca
    • Designed for Tinca
    • Click & Go installation
    • i-Size safety
    • Fitting feedback
  6. FamilyFix3
    ISOFIX installation for your baby and toddler car seats
    • i-Size safety
    • Installation feedback
    • Click & Go installation
    • Long-time use
  7. FamilyFix2
    ISOFIX installation for Rock i-Size, Tinca i-Size, Pebble Pro i-Size and Pearl Smart i-Size or Pearl Pro2 i-Size
    • i-Size, for improved safety
    • Installation feedback for a secure connection
    • Simple and easy Click & Go installation
    • Rearward facing position up to 4 years
  8. FamilyFix
    ISOFIX base for CabrioFix and Pearl
    • Click & Go installation
    • 5 recline positions
    • Installation feedback
    • Longevity
  9. EasyFix
    Belt or ISOFIX installable base for CabrioFix
    • Click & Go installation
    • ISOFIX/seatbelt installable
    • Installation feedback
  10. 3wayFix
    Perfect anchorage for Jade, Pebble Pro i-Size and Pearl Pro i-Size
    • iSize safety
    • Installation feedback
    • Easy installation
    • Longevity
  11. FamilyFix One i-Size
    FamilyFix One i-Size
    Perfect anchorage for Rock, Pearl Smart i-Size and Pearl One i-Size
    • iSize safety
    • Click & Go installation
    • Installation feedback
    • Longevity