Bringing comfort into your home for your new-born

Welcoming your little one home for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of having a new baby. In fact, home is where you will enjoy lots of snuggles with your baby, have a cozy nighttime bond with your (hopefully) little sleeper, or enjoy quality time at the dinner table. Maxi-Cosi makes sure that your newest little family member is always comfortable, and life is as easy as possible for you as a parent, at your own home or while away. We have selected our best product tips for new-born essentials; because at the end of the day, it’s all about comfort – wherever you happen to be. Welcome home, little one!

Eat: Join the dinner table!

With a highchair, you can enjoy family time at the dinner table and your little one can engage in social feeding activities. Our multi-use highchairs can be used while your little one grows bigger and bigger! Either from birth or from 6 months, up to at least 5 years and even 99 years! From their first bites, to doodling their first drawings, our Maxi-Cosi high chairs makes it easy for you to help and join them! Don’t worry about spills or splashes, all our highchairs are easy to clean and doesn’t disrupt your modern interior with its great looks!  

Sleep: a good night wherever you are!

A good night sleep is something every new parent dreams off, but isn’t reality for most new-born parents. For those first months, a co-sleeper is key when your baby sleeps in the same bedroom. It’s very easy when breastfeeding at night, allows you to keep an eye on your little one, all without you getting out of bed! When your little one moves to its own room, you want to stay connected and close. Our Connected Home smart products help to create the perfect personalised nursery, while allowing you to monitor and customise when needed, all via one app. When it’s time to travel, you want the same comfort you have at home. No problem with our Maxi-Cosi travel beds! They provide extra comfort and cosiness, even for your little new-born, due to special new-born levels.

Rock: having your hands free!

We love to snuggle with our little ones, but sometimes we need free hands while keeping them by our side. This is where our baby rockers & swings step in, to offer ease of use for you and comfort for your baby. You can place our lightweight rockers & swings anywhere at home, and you have your hands free while your baby is rocking, playing or even resting. Our swings can even calm your baby down by automatically swinging when it detects movement! Of course all of our rockers and swings have easy to remove and clean fabrics, without compromising on comfort or style!