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i-Size safety from day one up to 7 years
From birth until approx. 7 years
From 40 to 125 cm
0 - 25 kg

Why Choose Me

From birth until approx. 7 years

Long-term use: from birth until 7 years old

Rearward facing until 4 years

Safe, rearward-facing travel up until 4 years old

G-CELL lateral protection

G-CELL side impact protection, for optimal safety

i-Size (R129) safety

Complies with the latest and highest i-Size safety standards

Product description

The Maxi-Cosi Emerald offers the best of both worlds. With this i-Size car seat you no longer have to choose. Thanks to the comfortable, removable inlay, Emerald can be used from birth until 7 years old while also complying with the latest and highest i-Size safety standards.

In addition to its long-term use, the Emerald allows for rearward-facing travel up until 4 years old. This means your little one – even if they’re not so little anymore – will be optimally protected just in case the unthinkable happens. And in that respect, even more safety is provided by the car seat’s superior G-CELL technology, which provides the best protection in case of side impact.


This multi-age car seat has ISOFIX anchorages and a support leg that provide the safest, easiest and quickest way to install the car seat up to 4 years. When your child grows bigger you install the car seat by using belt installation until 7 years of age.

When installed correctly you can adjust the safety harness and headrest height easily to fit your child. Or store the harness easily in the sides of the seat when you start using the vehicle safety belt at an older age (<4 years).


The Maxi-Cosi Emerald is a rear facing car seat until 4 years old (105 cm), for a better neck and head protection. The i-Size car seat contains superior G-Cell side-impact protection technology for the shoulder area. The 5-point safety harness provides best restraining child rigid body parts in a forward collision. All of this makes it comply with the highest and latest safety standards: i-Size.

i-Size safety from day one up to 7 years

The Emerald is the full package: a truly multi-age car seat that offers both long-term use and i-Size safety.

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