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Nesta High Chair

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Lasts a lifetime
From approx. 3.5 years up to 99 years
15 - 110 kg

Why Choose Me

Lasts a lifetime

With its unique reclining backrest, adjustable footrest and cocooning design, Nesta is designed to be used from birth into adulthood. For newborns to grandparents, Nesta ensures the best comfort at every age. *with cushioned Baby inlay sold separately (Newborn Kit 0-6mths).

Unique reclining backrest

Nesta’s unique adjustable backrest evolves with your child to offer the best comfort. From 2 recline positions, including one lay-flat in newborn mode*, to a tall and highly supportive highchair seat for toddlers and teens as they sit at the table. *with cushioned baby inlay sold separately (Newborn Kit 0-6mths).

Durable and sustainable

Nesta has been made with future generations in mind. Built from durable Beechwood and designed with minimal plastics, it features premium recycled fabrics to cocoon your baby.

Modern design

With its clean modern design, Nesta fits into every home interior - whether it’s around the kitchen table, in the livingroom in a play room or in your child’s bedroom.

Product description

Nesta is a stylish wooden highchair offering the best comfort from birth through into adulthood. Its unique design is easily adjustable to ensure your child will always sit comfortably at the table, at any age. Made to last, Nesta is crafted from durable Beechwood and made with premium recycled fabrics. Its modern yet timeless design, offers a lifetime of use.
Right from day one, your newborn will be cocooned in the very best comfort, reclined in the soft baby nest inlay (included in the Newborn Kit* sold separately). Nesta is a highchair from birth that offers two recline positions for newborns; fully reclined so that babies aged 0-4months can lay flat, and a more comfy seated position for when babies start eating different food and can hold their head better. No matter how young or old, your little one will always sit comfortably supported by Nesta’s unique high backrest. With different customisable features, like the adjustable footrest, seat position and reclining backrest, the Maxi-Cosi Nesta highchair offers so many comfortable positions and possibilities, for decades. *Nesta Newborn Kit (0-6m) and Nesta Baby & Toddler Kit (6m+) sold separately.
Ease of use
In every stage of its lifecycle, Nesta is designed to be easy to use, every day. Nesta is a highchair from birth* that assembles quickly and easily. The reclining highchair switches smoothly from its fully reclined newborn mode to toddler highchair then into an adult chair. The adjustable seat and footrest offer the very best comfort for your child as they grow through the years. Nesta’s clean lines and seamless design ensures that crumbs and food don’t get trapped in any crevices and cracks, so it’s super-easy to keep clean. Water-repellent fabrics* ensures any mess simply wipes away. *using the Nesta Newborn Kit (0-6m) and Nesta Baby & Toddler Kit (6m+) sold separately.
Nesta is a reclining highchair designed for newborns, toddlers, teenagers, mums, dads - even grandma and grandad. From birth through to adulthood, Nesta is a reclining highchair that is designed to be comfortable in every position. Start with your newborn fully reclined in the baby nest inlay* and when your baby’s 6-months old, it’s time to sit them up at the table, supported in the toddler highchair. As your child grows up, Nesta’s clever wooden seat and backrest can be reversed in position to offer your family a durable wooden seat they’ve known and loved their entire lives, which will last for decades longer. *Sold separately.
With its clean modern design, Nesta fits into every home interior. Whether you put the highchair from birth* around the kitchen table, in the livingroom, in a play room, at a study desk or in your child’s bedroom, Nesta’s timeless wooden look, never goes out of style. Crafted from durable high quality Beechwood and designed with minimal plastics, this Dutch design is a classic in the making. Nesta’s newborn and toddler fabrics kits both feature Eco Care, 100% recycled fabrics. Made for the future, Nesta is designed to last a lifetime. *using the Nesta Newborn Kit (0-6m) and Nesta Baby & Toddler Kit (6m+), sold separately.

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