Travel cots

Wherever you go, you want your little one to sleep as comfortably as they would be sleeping at home. By using a Maxi-Cosi travel cot, your chances of successful naps away from home will almost certainly improve! Our travel cots are not only easy to set up, but are a really comfortable option and look stylish in every interior!

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  1. Iris Bedsheet
    Iris Bedsheet
    • For Maxi-Cosi Iris
    • Made of 100% cotton
    • 2 sheets included
  2. Swift Toddler Bedsheets
    Swift Toddler Bedsheets
    • For Maxi-Cosi Swift
    • Made of 100% organic cotton
    • Two sheets included
    • Safely secured
  5. Swift Newborn Bedsheets
    Swift Newborn Bedsheets
    • For Maxi-Cosi Swift
    • Made of 100% cotton
    • Two sheets included
  8. Alba all-in-one bassinet, recliner and highchair
    Alba all-in-one bassinet, recliner and highchair
    Do more together
    • All-in-one solution
    • Extra comfortable mattress
    • Easy to switch, adjust and move
    • 100% recycled fabrics
  9. Iris Travel Cot
    Iris Travel Cot
    Take sleeping to a higher level
    • Compact & Lightweight
    • Extra comfortable mattress
    • Two levels of sleep
    • Eco Care 100% recycled fabric
  10. Swift 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot and Playpen
    Swift 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot and Playpen
    Play. Sleep. Repeat.
    • One-second fold
    • Lightweight
    • Three products in one
    • Unique two-stage mattress

Maxi-Cosi Travel Cots

Going away as a new family can not only be a new experience for you, but also for your little one. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible wherever you go! And every child needs a good night's sleep and/or a good nap during the day; often their mood depends on it! Travel cots for babies and toddlers will help you keep your child comfortable and well rested. A special newborn travel cot can be the perfect option to get your little one some well-deserved rest

Our Maxi-Cosi Iris and Maxi-Cosi Swift both have the unique option to change from a newborn travel cot to a toddler travel cot. So whether you are having a sleepover at the grandparents in those first months, or taking a trip as a family with an almost 1 year old, one of our Maxi-Cosi travel cot with mattress included will help you and your little one sleep!

When it’s time for bed, you don’t want to have hassle setting up the travel cot; you would rather spend some quality time cuddling and reading with your little one. Our travel cots for babies and toddlers won’t take any of that special time away from you, as they are super easy and quick to set up. Even putting it back in the included travel bag is easy and makes the travel cot easy to carry and store away then you are all back home!


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