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Ultra-compact Rain cover

Ultra-compact Rain cover

  • 1412000111_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compactraincover_transparant_3qrtleft
  • 1412000111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compactraincover_transparant_largefrontwindow_zoom
  • 1412000111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compactraincover_transparant_universalfit_zoom
  • 1412000111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compactraincover_transparant_ventilationholes_zoom
  • 1412000111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compactraincover_transparant_windandweatherprotection_side

Ultra-compact Rain cover

Perfect fit | Large front window | Wind & weather protection | Breathable design |

Why Choose Me

  • Perfect fit

    The rain cover is designed to fit all Maxi-Cosi ultra-compact pushchairs

  • Large front window

    The large front window gives you easy access to your little one, and can be kept open when there is a dry period.

  • Wind & weather protection

    Keep your little one nice and dry in rain, hail, snow and out of the wind.

  • Breathable design

    The breathable design on both sides of the rain cover allows the air to circulate more easily

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