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Zelia S Trio

All you need in one. And more.
From birth up to approx. 4 years
0 - 22 kg

Why Choose Me

2-in-1 seat unit

With an integrated carrycot with a real mattress, Zelia S is the 2-in-1 stroller that has everything you and your baby need to explore the world for years to come.

Comfortable and every day easy

The Zelia S offers convenience with its 2-in-1 seat, XL shopping basket and easy folding. Discover the world with its four-wheel suspension with two shock absorbing springs. Enjoy the smoothest ride with its puncture-proof all-terrain wheels.

i-Size car seat

The CabrioFix S i-Size offers the highest European i-Size safety standard, promising to always keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Complete 3-in-1 Travel System

With its 2-in-1 seat stroller, the Zelia S Trio also includes the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix S i-Size car seat, making it the most convenient baby travel system solution.

Product description

As your baby grows, the last thing you need is to constantly have to change your baby must-haves. Zelia S Trio 3 in 1 travel system is here to save the day! The handy 2-in-1 pushchair comes with a carrycot that transforms into a stroller seat, a stylish matching Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix S I-size and bag to place all the baby’s essentials. A complete and carefree baby travel system from day one, with the well-known high safety standards of Maxi-Cosi.
Zelia S stroller
The Zelia S offers all the features that are a must-have when it comes to the perfect stroller. The lightweight stroller is easy to manoeuvre with a quick and easy compact folding system. Your baby will be able to sit comfortably with its soft padded seat, and when it is time to take a nap, just simply recline the seat to create a lie flat pushchair. The reversible seat is super-quick and easy to switch from parent-facing to street-facing, so your baby can have a comfy front row seat of the city. Furthermore, the four-wheel suspension with two shock absorbing springs will make any ride in any place the smoothest one. This lightweight stroller can be used from birth up until approximately 4 years old, a long-term solution within this complete travel system.
Zelia S 2-in-1 seat unit
The Zelia S stroller not only offers a comfortable & reversible seat, this 2-in-1 stroller also transform into a spacious carrycot. The carrycot comes with a comfortable mattress, so your baby has a real bed-feeling when you are out and about.
CabrioFix S i-Size baby car seat
The lightweight baby car seat is everything you need, and much more! Part of this very complete baby travel system, it's easy and comfortable to carry around due to it's light weight and it offers the highest i-Size safety standards! Suitable for an ISOFIX base or belt, the i-Size baby car seat can be used from birth up to approx. 15 months.
Stylish matching nursery bag
This complete 3-in-1 travel system comes with a stylish nursery bag in which you can place all the baby essentials. The bag has a zipper in which you can store everything safely. Moreover, you can adjust the shoulder strap and it also has large handles, so you can easily carry it in your hand if needed.

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