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Pearl 360 Pro

Pearl 360 Pro

Pearl 360 Pro

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Innovative SlideTech® technology | Superior sleeping positions | Easy-in harness | G-CELL Side Impact Protection | One-hand FlexiSpin rotation |

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  • Innovative SlideTech® technology

    Revolutionary sliding car seat technology makes every day easier. No backaches, head bangs or struggles. With the FamilyFix 360 Pro base (sold separately), simply lock, slide, spin and go!

  • Superior sleeping positions

    With five super-comfortable recline positions to choose from, Pearl 360 Pro offers your toddler superior comfort, whether they’re awake or asleep.

  • Easy-in harness

    Easy-in harness stays open, so you can effortlessly install your child without a struggle. Easy in. Easy out. Every single day.

  • G-CELL Side Impact Protection

    Built to the highest safety standards, Pearl 360 Pro features superior in-built G-CELL Side Impact Protection to ensure the safety of your child.

  • One-hand FlexiSpin rotation

    The FamilyFix 360 Pro base (sold seperately) features FlexiSpin, a 360 degrees rotational system that enables Pearl 360 Pro to easily rotate using only one hand in any reclined position.

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