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Titan Pro i-Size

Award image
The ultimate protector through childhood
From approx. 15 months up to 12 years
From 76 - 150 cm

Why Choose Me

Highest i-Size Safety Standard

No compromise. Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, Titan Pro i-Size provides superior protection from side impacts.

G-CELL 2.0 Side Impact Protection

Adds an extra built-in guard and provides maximum protection with improved 3D impact absorption, from multiple angles to ensure your child’s safety.

ClimaFlow Temperature Control

Special ClimaFlow panels and breathable fabrics encourage air circulation, ensure your child is always comfortable and at the right temperature.

AirProtect® Safety Cushions

Patented AirProtect® side impact protection in the headrest reduces the risk of head injury by up to 20% and cushioning enhances comfort for your child.

Product description

A parent’s instinct is to protect. The Titan Pro i-Size offers parents, and children, the very best protection, improved safety, longevity & reliability. This group 1-2-3 car seat is designed to keep your children safe from 15months up to 12 years old. The multi-age car seat is built to the highest i-Size safety standards and packed with the latest technology & innovations. The ultimate protector as your children grow up.
Titan Pro i-Size is the ultimate protector. Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, this convertible car seat provides safety & comfort for children from 15months up to 12 years old. With 45% of impacts coming from the side, Titan Pro i-Size features patented AirProtect® safety cushions in the headrest, which reduce the risk of head injury by up to 20% and enhance comfort for your child. This multi-age, convertible car seat is equipped with G-Cell 2.0 Side Impact protection; the flexible yet strong material is engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child to reduce injury.
Ease of use
One car seat that makes every day family travel easy - for years - and grows with your child? Meet Titan Pro i-Size: this group 1-2-3 car seat is fitted quickly and effortlessly into most cars, via ISOFIX installation and top-tether. The easy-in 5-point safety harness with its magnetic buckle, makes getting your little one in and out of the car feel like a breeze instead of a daily chore. And as your child grows, the headrest and harness are super-simple to adjust, so they’re sitting comfortably at every age. Travel made easy, day after day. Year after year.
From day care drop offs to high school runs, Titan Pro i-Size is a car seat that grows with your child from 15months up to 12 years. When they’re a toddler, you can use the easy-in magnetic harness to keep them safe & secure (5 point harness can be used up to 4 years old or 105cm). As soon as your child is old enough to use the car’s seat belt, the 5 point harness of this convertible car seat can easily be removed. The cushioned headrest adapts in 15 different stages while the seat transforms into a high back booster seat to ensure your little one is safe, secure and comfortable through their childhood travels with this group 1-2-3 car seat.
Comfort features
Titan Pro i-Size is designed for parents who want to give their child the very best. As our most premium multi-age, convertible car seat, it provides the highest level of safety & comfort. ClimaFlow panels and breathable fabrics encourage air circulation, to ensure your child is always at the right and most comfortable temperature. This group 1-2-3 car seat has 4 different recline positions for children under 4, extra padding and AirProtect® safety cushions, you can be reassured, your little one’s always comfortable. There’s no compromise. Titan Pro i-Size is the ultimate car seat for safety, comfort & longevity.

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