Rock Your Baby Travel System

Get the perfect Stroller style



Looking for a travel system that’s perfect for your baby and has that special something for you too? Put together an eye-catching combination that reflects your unique personality and individual style with Maxi-Cosi.





Our exciting array of bang-on-trend colours and extensive range of car seats, strollers and carrycots, give you loads of exciting possibilities. And, as every Maxi-Cosi baby car seat and carrycot can be clipped on to every Maxi-Cosi stroller, it’s easy to create the perfect combination.

Discover vibrant colours and tactile fabrics inspired by the latest trends and what it means to be a modern parent when you explore our collection.

Here are a few tips to help you rock your travel system.

Elegant darks, soothing lights, outspoken bolds

From practical, stylish darks to bold outspoken hues, we’ve got everything you need to mix and match for a stunning style statement.

As well as being super-stylish, darks add a touch of elegance to any outing and coordinate perfectly with every outfit. Combine them with bolds to express your personality, or mix and match with laid-back lights to soothe your baby and relax you.



A travel system that says “you”

Modern parenting is full of challenges – and full of fun. We’ve got the exciting textures, contrasting colours and tactile fabrics that express the way you live today.

Mix it up

Maybe you like bolds. Maybe he likes darks. With Maxi-Cosi you can mix it up as much as you like, combining colours to create a system that’s unique to your family.

Add accessories

A parasol in a complementary colour or a matching footmuff can put the finishing touches to a truly stylish travel system.