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Nomad Plus

Nomad Plus

15 M - 4 Y
76 - 105 cm
9 - 18 kg

Easy to take everywhere | Fits easily into any car | Take safety with you | Comfortable everywhere you go |

Why Choose Me

  • Easy to take everywhere

    Nomad Plus is built for travel. Ultra-compact and lightweight (4,26 kg), it’s super-easy to fold up and has an integrated handle and travel bag.

  • Fits easily into any car

    Taxi, car rental or car share? No problem. Nomad Plus easily fits any car thanks to its belt installation, and is quick to install in less than 30 seconds.

  • Take safety with you

    When you travel with your own car seat, you can relax knowing that your child is safe with Nomad Plus’s reinforced Side Impact Protection.

  • Comfortable everywhere you go

    You may be on the move, but your child will be comfortable thanks to the soft fabrics and comfortable padding in the seat.

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